Inzei Records is currently one of the fastest growing records companies in the United States. Originating in Florida and now based in LA, producer & DJ Rojas (also known as Rojasonthebeat) was able to partner up with Warner Bros. Studio to create the most polarizing label, bringing the underground music to the forefront of the music industry. Through Inzei Records, people were able to discover artists from Soundcloud and more, bringing some of them to have hit singles on the radio. Inzei, literally translating to mean “Royalty” in Japanese, has been evolving ever since 2015.

Due to Inzei Records creativity and the team’s passion for music, it will continue to grow into a global brand. Currently, Inzei Records hosts studio sessions at their own studio and host their own events on the weekends. Inzei was also able to partner up with DASH radio to release their own station through XXL that broadcasts on Sundays. They continue to strike fans with surprise mixtapes and collaborations with their favorite artists, such as Warhol.ss, Yung Gleesh, and more. Due to it’s fast growing pace, there’s no limitations to where Inzei Records will go.